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Hi guys, DJ Thompson here. I've been wanting to start sharing something with you, but as usual, I told myself, that it's not the time, or no one cares, or this sounds lame and so on. I want to write in English and keep it that way. I ain't a great writer, that's for sure))) but here goes.

Will not get too deep on details, but today I want to share with you three most important music albums that have formed my music preferences.

Growing up in Riga, Latvia, I had a pretty weird opportunity to end up listening to some strange music. Nevertheless, thanks to the Universe, MTV came to our country when I was somewhere at the end of primary school, and from there on - Boom! My mind was blown away.

Thanks to my parents, who at a difficult time (1990, close collapse of USSR) have made me learn English from like 3 years old, I could understand most (but not all) of the lyrics of the western music I heard. This made me see a wider picture of the world and dream in a different way. I then started to investigate more and more into different types and genres of music and listen to other great artists but surely, here are the Three Biggest Influencers for me:

1. FatBoy Slim - "You've come a long way baby" year 1998

2. The Offspring - "Americana" year 1998

3. EMINEM - "The Marshall Mathers LP" year 2000

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