New Music, Website, Ideas, Shop, Merch... we need a vacation after this isolation...)

Surprisingly, during this lockdown, we had a lot going on:

Naty has released a new song:

We started streaming live on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We started providing online vocal courses in Russian and in English. Naty has just successfully finished her first 5 day marathon and Peter is preparing his online course with a lot to tell about American music history. We have opened an online store with merchandise designed by us. We have learned a lot of new things about music, social media, trade and ofcourse life itself.

We received a lot of support from our friends and family (a Huge shout out to Them!!!)

And last but Not least!

It is because of our dog, Darth Vader (yes, this is his real name) we have managed to keep our sh*t together during this quarantine. Daily walks, games and positive emotions, that he gives us are priceless. This is why Darth, deserves his own series of merch! What you say?)

Find Everything in our store Now!)

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