"Teremslave" has been founded in 2014 in Nice by a Russian musician Serguei Mogouthev. Serguei was born in 1962 in Rostov (Russia), he studied at the Taganrog Music School and at the University of Culture of Moscow (specialty accordion). In 2000, the musician decided to continue his career in France.

Serguei is the head of the ensemble and composes individual parts for each instrument, which gives a new sound to famous musical works. At this moment, there are 6 participants in the ensemble: bayan (accordion), cymbals, contrabass, violin and two vocalists (jazz and classical vocal).


The ensemble performs vocal and instrumental musical pieces from almost all countries of Eastern Europe: Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, as well as gypsy music.

The group offers musical programs of popular music, as well as world-famous musical masterpieces such as Czardas, Libertango, Waltz "Masquerade", etc.

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